miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Front Row: Massimo Giorgetti

Massimo Giorgetti is the talented designer behind MSGM, the italian brand which is driving me mad with their amazing prints. Massimo started in the fashion industry into the commercial enviroment but he quickly moved into designing ones. In 2004 he settles himself as a professional designer and in 2008 he starts MSGM in partnership with Paoloni Group. His interest for indie music, being MGMT and The Strokes his favourites bands, stands out in the collections he creates.

For this season Massimo, who is a master mixing prints, has created a colorful world full of flowers and cool prints which will rock the grey and rainy days! I'm dying for all those unicorns and fireworks!



Also love the campaing and promotional video "Flowerworks" by Luca Finotti, so inspiring!

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