miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Front row: The Ragged Priest

Who has never dreamed with a black biker jacket completely full of spikes? Any? Well, actually I.
The main problem for myself was to find the properly biker, that's not that easy and the machine to put on the spikes, which I've been almost 3 years looking for it and it's impossible to find. But when I was living in London two years ago I found the solution for both problems. Walking around the multi-brand floor from Topshop Oxford Circus I saw a world full of gorgeous spikes everywhere, there was amazing biker jackets, sweaters and shorts everything with shining ones that took each piece to perfection. 

The brand's name is The Ragged Priest and all the pieces are done in London with love, the have a great vintage selection available online at ASOS marketplace.

You can buy online straight from their website, at selected Topshop stores and at selected worldwide stores.

They also had an amazing bleached collection last summer but their spiked pieces are the best for me, so stay tuned, check their website and buy before it's gone!

I would love to have the full collection and I'm ready to get some more spiked pieces as soon as I am back to London in December.

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