jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

House of Holland x Superga

It's not a secret and I'm a creeper and platform lover and when my pair of creepers said "I'm done!"  
I had to look for another pair of good ones, actually I really want a pair of TUK or Underground creepers to replace the old ones but I will wait till December when I will have the chance to find the properly ones during my stay in London but in the meanwhile I decided to go for a sneakers pair.

Wearing black creepers at Spray, Madrid

I have to admit that I been late on this collaboration but when my eyes caught the work between House of Holland and Superga I couldn't get it out from my mind. And yes I been late for them because it has been a summer collaboration but I got them on sales so it has been a great deal!

Before moving to London I already admired the work of the English designer and since last winter I have been looking for the perfect pair of Superga's to join my shoes collection and I really found the right ones!

The winners were the model 2790 which has a 4 cm sole with the designer polka dots print and it is a limited edition so I can't go wrong with them! The print remind me of home so I definitely went for them!

Actually I'm thinking about getting the mint ones as well, love the color!

There is also the 2750 classic Superga model with great prints so check it out before the limited edition is gone!

You can get them straight from the Superga online store!

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